If you’re having trouble choosing a location for your wedding, why not consider a hotel? Your wedding day should be completely stress-free and all about you and your soon-to-be partner in life. However, weddings have many “moving pieces” and logistics can get heavy. That’s why choosing a hotel as your venue is the best choice you’ll make in your planning.

The Bridal Suite

You’re getting ready, you need space to spread out, and you need privacy. We have all that and more while you spend all morning primping. There’s no need to stress about extended family members barging in and disrupting the process, because they won’t have a key! You can even order room service to make sure you and your bridesmaids stay hydrated and nourished for an even more stress-free experience. Keep those nerves down!


It’s hectic and taxing when you and your guests have to be transported across town. You must consider weather, temperature, forgotten or left behind items, and transportation fees. That’s why having your rehearsal dinner, bridal party primping, ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, after party, and Sunday brunch all in one building makes for a stress-free time for everyone!

Full-service hotel=Happy guests

Yes, your wedding day exists to please you, but isn’t it important for it to be memorable for your guests too? Give them amenities that make the experience relaxing for them, especially if they’re traveling from out of town! Think an on-site restaurant and bar, pool and terrace for catching some rays, free wi-fi, free breakfast, and room service.

A Team of Professionals

When you choose a hotel as your venue, by default you receive a seasoned team of professionals who know the industry. Every department plays a role in your big day, and these well trained team members will fluidly work together to pull it off. You can expect everything from extra towels and bathroom amenities placed in your bridal suite, to professional catering staff passing your hors d’oeuvres with ease.

Save a little extra for the Honeymoon

One of the biggest stressors of planning your big day are all the expenses that build up. Transportation such as shuttles and limos will rack up your costs. Catering companies will also charge for transportation costs and setup fees. By choosing a full service hotel you’ll receive on-site catering and you and your guests won’t need to drive anywhere because all your needs will be met in the hotel!

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